4 Effective Car Maintenance Practices

Doing the right car maintenance practices enables your investment to hold its original value. It also keeps it reliable, save and easier to trade in or sell. Regular car maintenance entails different practices. Here are the major and most effective car maintenance practices to observe.

Follow the Application-Specific Maintenance Needs of Your Car

Though there are universal routine maintenance practices for cars, it’s important to look for practices that are specific to the model, make, and year of your car. Check the car owner’s manual to understand the maintenance requirements of your car. For instance, some cars have belts timing for replacement after specific mileage.

Check Fluid Reservoirs and Add Fluid when Necessary

Your car has reservoirs for the engine coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windscreen washer fluid. The fill point is the lower line on these reservoirs. Therefore, add fluid to reach the higher line when it drops below this line. Note that some cars have more specific requirements for brake and coolant fluids. Therefore, refer to the car user manual to know the right fluid requirements for your car.

Change the Engine Oil after Every 3000 Miles

Whenever you hit 3000 miles, drain out the oil from your car. Replace the oil filter too. Make sure that the drain bolt is screwed in its place properly. The engine should be refilled with the right type and amount of oil. Remember that different cars have different oil requirements and capacities. Therefore, refer to the owner’s manual to know the amount and type of oil to use with your car.

Swap the Air Filter Annually

The role of air filter is to prevent debris and sand from entering the engine. However, the filter of your car should be replaced every year though there are aftermarket filters that need cleaning instead of replacement.

In addition to these car maintenance practices, it’s important to use the fuel depending on the engine type of your car. Also ensure proper car cleaning to maintain its great look longer.


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