Tips to Guide You When Getting an Estimate for Auto Body Repair

Tips to Guide You When Getting an Estimate for Auto Body Repair

Have you been involved in an accident? Does your car need body repair? If yes, take your car to a reputable auto body for repair. A reputable auto body shop will give you an estimate on the repair cost. It will also share details of what will be done to fix the damage on your vehicle. To ensure that you are not short changed, here are tips to guide you when getting an estimate.

Know the Auto Body Shop

Before you take your vehicle to an auto body shop for repair, take time to learn about it. That way, you will take your car for repair to experts that you know about. Therefore, take time to read reviews of the auto shop where you want to take your car for repair. Find out whether the shop has always ensured satisfaction of its clients by providing superior repairs.

Get Several Estimates

Unless it’s an emergency, take time to get estimates from multiple body shops. This will enable you to compare the prices that you are likely to spend on repair at different shops. Aim at finding a body shop that offers quality repairs at the most reasonable fee. You can easily get the right shop by shopping around.

Inquire about the Hidden Damage

Your auto insurance provider will draw up a report for the incident based on the visible damage. However, your car might have hidden damage. This will be noticed when you take your car to an auto body shop. As such, the cost of repairing your vehicle can rise significantly. Therefore, make sure that your auto insurance provider factors in hidden damage.

Consider Other Factors

In addition to price, there are other factors that you should consider. For instance, think about the parts that will be used in the repair of your vehicle. Some auto body shops may charge a low price but use low quality parts. Thus, you may end up with shoddy repairs. To avoid this, consider the parts to be used and experience of the experts that will repair your vehicle

Follow these tips when getting an estimate for auto body repair to get your car back in top shape without spending a fortune.

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